A farm with a barn painted like the Texas flag.

How Big is Texas?

  • If we were a separate country, Texas would be the Ninth largest in the World (GDP $1.7 Trillion).
  • Texas just passed Brazil. Italy (GDP $1.8 Trillion) is Number 8. Watch out Italy!
  • Texas has 29 Million people. By 2050, Texas could have more than 54 Million.  
  • Soon, five of the ten largest cities in America will be in Texas. Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth.
  • Think about how the future Texas may impact your life.
  • What if you elected a Land Commissioner who understands how big Texas could become and the impact on your life. Someone who walks the walk. A Land Commissioner with las ganas y las agallas, with the Desire and the Guts.
  • I am asking for your Vote for Texas Land Commissioner. It’s about the job.
  • Vote LANGE for Land.

A group of children stand arm in arm.

Education for Better Lives

  • The U.S. News and World Report says that Texas K-12 Education is ranked 35th overall, but for reading, Texas is ranked 45th.
  • Texas should be an Education leader state. How do the rankings above lead? At least 34 states do K-12 Education, Better.   At least, 44 states teaching READING, Better! Is this acceptable?
  • Is Texas preparing students well enough for their Lives?
  • Can Texas do better for students, our Hero teachers and parents?  
  • If the Ruling Regime thinks the cost of Education is too high, what is the cost to us of this ignorance?
  • K-12 Education is the Failure of this Ruling Regime.
  • In Business, with this result, after all the Billions of taxpayer money invested, they would be fired. 
  • This Ruling Regime, an Educational Disappointment Machine!
  • Is there a Better way?  Yes, if you have las Ganas and las Agallas.  The Desire and the Guts.
  • Want Better Education. Want Better Lives. Vote LANGE for Land.

Two young women

Small Business Champion

  • Texas has over 3 Million small businesses.
  • 4.9 Million Texans work in them.
  • They are over 45% of the employees in the state.
  • Veterans own over 167,000.
  • More Texans want to work for them.
  • I would make Texas, the Small Business Champion of the U.S.
  • A Great location for Employers and their Employees. Especially Veterans.
  • To achieve this level of success for Texas Small Businesses, you need, las Ganas. The Desire.
  • Small businesses are a great place to work. Better Employment. Better Lives.
  • Focus: Agriculture, 21st century manufacturing, consumer services, education, health and more.
  • LANGE. Small Business Champion. Las Ganas!

A small child is held by an adult in uniform.


  • Thank You for being an American Veteran. A Special Thanks for being a Veteran from Texas. Thank you for defending the American/Texan way of life.
  • If you are a member of a Gold Star Family, please allow me to acknowledge your Family now. I can never truly understand what you have lost. However, I honor you. I can only hope and pray that the healing from your loss will get better with time. I wish for you the strength of your faith or spirit. Mostly, I wish for you personal peace.
  • I believe Veterans and Gold Star Families have sacrificed enough.
  • Texas should be a leader state. We do a good job for our Veterans and Gold Star Families, but it is not Gold Standard. Our State Seal, says The Great State of Texas. Not the Good State of Texas.
  • I am asking for your vote for Texas Land Commissioner. If you let me have your vote, Texas will have a Great/Gold standard plan for Veterans and Gold Star Families. It will be called,  TEXAS HAS YOUR SIX. 
  • Whether you are serving, a Veteran or a Gold Star Family, my TEXAS HAS YOUR SIX plan will make your Lives Better. Your Benefits, easier to understand and use for financial, medical, educational, mental health and many more needs. TEXAS HAS YOUR SIX.
  • You have sacrificed enough.  How about a Texas Land Commissioner that not only believes that but will do something about it.
  • Want Better Veterans Lives. Vote LANGE for Land.