Meet Michael Lange


LANGE. Son. Father. Brother. Friend.  Person of Faith. American Soul. Born Texas. Deep in the Heart.  A Man for Others. Large Texas family.  Handful in Europe.  Son of immigrants. Spoke two languages at home. His Father: Thanks to being a U.S. Veteran, able to graduate college. Much Appreciation for Veterans.

LANGE.  Grew up between Houston and the family ranch in Waller County. City Knowledge. Rural Wisdom. Animal Lover. Sportsman. Individual and Team. 

LANGE. Public Schools, then, Strake Jesuit College Preparatory. Graduate, University of Texas at Austin - Finance. Advanced course work - Rice University and New York Institute of Finance.  Advanced Management Program, INSEAD – Fontainebleau, France.

LANGE.  Worked in small and large companies. Responsible for over 1,000  people  in 11 countries for a multi-billion dollar company. Four decades, Texas, U.S. and International experience.  Manages investments.

LANGE. Believes in kindness. You get what you inspect, not what you expect. Despises extremism of any kind. Does not tolerate bullies.

LANGE.  Learned in the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas and El Paso: Las ganas. Las agallas. La familia. La comunidad con la fe. Por una vida mejor. The desire, the guts, love of family, importance of community with personal strength for a better life.  It’s the feeling in the words.

LANGE.  Both feet firmly in the present. One eye on the past, to remember what we did well and to not repeat the mistakes.  Other eye on the future, to plan the best path forward. 

Better Lives. LANGE for Land.