Privacy Policy:  Lange for Land

Lange for Land has prepared this Privacy Policy so you understand how we use the information that you may provide to our website.

Lange for Land may need to modify the Privacy Policy from time to time.  Please check this page each time you visit the website.  


Your Information

When you sign up to volunteer, contribute or anything on our website, we may ask you to give us your contact information.  This could include your name, address, email or telephone number. We may also receive information about you from outside sources and include that information with what we collect on this website.

We use this information to help the Lange for Land Campaign and to operate this website. We may send you further information about any events and any activities related to the Campaign. We may use your email address to send this information by email and may use your telephone number to call or text you to send you this information by telephone.

Lange for Land may provide your email address or telephone number or any of your personal information to third party organization that is assisting or supporting the Lange for Land Campaign.

Lange for Land may also ask you for your credit or debit card number and its expiration date. The only use of your credit or debit card information is for processing your much appreciated contribution and is not kept by Lange for Land and it is not used for any purpose other than processing your much appreciated contribution. 

Lange for Land uses standard industry security procedures to protect against the loss or misuse of the information you provide. Permission to access your information is given only to you and Lange for Land employees, consultants or other contractors who need this information to provide services for you.

Lange for Land will make all good faith efforts to keep information collected by this website in a protected/secure operating environment.  We are not able to guarantee complete security of your information.

The Lange for Land Privacy Policy covers this website and subdomains.  These websites may link to third party websites.  Lange for Land is not responsible for any information or content of any third party website.

Please be sure to read the Privacy Policies of any such third-party websites carefully.

Lange for Land will make every effort to preserve your privacy. We may have to disclose your personal information if required to do so by law.  

The Lange for Land website may use a cookie(s) for measuring website statistics. We may also use a cookie(s) to help you avoid resubmitting information.

Lange for Land may also use third party services to understand website traffic flows, patterns and if there are any problems with our website. We may also use embedded images in emails or texts to track open rate analytics. 

Lange for Land may use online advertising with third party vendors which will be shown on other websites across the Internet.  Those vendors may decide which ads to present to you based on previous visits to the website. Your personal identity will not be shared with those third party vendors. 

Lange for Land may log standard information such as the type of browser you are using or your IP address.  We may log this information to improve the website by seeing which sections of the website are the most visited.

Lange for Land may revise or update this Privacy Policy at any time. Lange for Land strongly encourages you to check this page each time you visit the website.

Lange for Land wants to protect your privacy while using the website. Thank you for visiting our website.  Better Lives. LANGE for Land.