What is the Texas Land Commissioner Responsible For?

  • Chairs organizations, including the School Land Board and Veterans Land Board.
  • Protects the Alamo Complex. Visited by 1.6 million people per year. Current renovation plan up to $450 Million.
  • Funding requests(Budget) for 2022-23 of almost $3.4 Billion.
  • Manages over 13 Million acres of land and mineral rights. Think 13 Million American Football Fields.  Almost 2 Million American Football Fields in the water off the Texas Coast.
  • Energy Business Management that earns over $1 Billion a year for K-12  Public Education that goes to the The Permanent School Fund.
  • Maximize revenue from the State’s resources, like real estate. 
  • Manage 800 Full Time Employees.
  • Serve over 1.4 Million Veterans and Gold Star Families. 7% of Texas population. Oversee 9 State Veterans care facilities, soon 10.
  • Four State Veterans Cemeteries and related services.
  • Loans to Veterans.  Loan principal of approximately $2.66 Billion.  Annual Loan demand averages $500-600 Million per year. 
  • Protection of the Texas Coastal Environment, Community Development and Revitalization. From the Beach to 10.35 miles into the Gulf.
  • Hurricane Preparedness, Disaster Recovery, Coastal Erosion, Removing Derelict Vessels, Open Beaches, Permitting, Oil Spill, Federal Consistency, Environmental Protection and much more.
  • Substantial procurement. Includes Historically Underutilized Businesses including women, minorities and service-disabled owned businesses. Texas History, Education, Archives,Maps and more.
  • Complex Job! Experience matters. Lange has almost 40 years of this experience.

Better Lives. Vote LANGE for Land.